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24.4.2014 : 15:23 : +0200


23.04.14 10:02

News from the actual VGS Root Production

Thommy and Manuel visited the VGS Root production and show you some details here...

22.04.14 15:04

Brand new Video "Evertune inside" with Thommy Neuhierl

Here is the brand new video with product manager Thommy Neuhierl about Evertune  ...


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Introduction of VGS Guitars by Horea Crisovan

V-10FMCE - V-M300 - VST-110 - Eruption-Europe

Workshop mit Tommy Denander

zum Workshop



Introduction of VGS Guitars by Roland Grapow (Masterplan)

Part 1 - Dragster, Eruption, Cobra