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23.7.2014 : 7:23 : +0200




    25.06.14 16:33

    New Video with Nils Courbaron

    Interview with Nils Courbaron and his amazing Songs with the new VGS SOULMASTER VSM120/7 and VGS...

    23.04.14 10:02

    News from the current VGS Root Production

    Thommy and Manuel visited the VGS Root production and show you some details here...

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    Evertune "inside" - Brand new video!!

    Tommy Denander - Evertune Bridge System

    Workshop z Tommy Denanander

    Do Workshopu



    Prezentacja gitar VGS przez Rolanda Grapow z zespołu Masterplan

    Część 1 - Dragster, Eruption, Cobra