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VGS Comparison Bell Rose Acoustic Chamber AC1 - BR-20-CE & BR-30-E

Enjoy this great comparison of VGS Bell Rose Acoustic Chamber AC1 - BR-20-CE & BR-30-E!


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New Video with Nils Courbaron

Interview with Nils Courbaron and his amazing Songs with the new VGS SOULMASTER VSM120/7 and VGS...

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Evertune - Tune Once - Play Forever

Evertune bridge systems work on a purely mechanical basis and keep your guitar automatically in tune after a one-time adjustment.
Also, when changing strings and using the same string gauge by the same string producer. After mounting the new strings, they can be put into the same setting as the previous set of strings quickly and easily by some turns of the machine heads.

The basic functions of the Evertune systems are based on trigonometry and some rudimentary physics:
Each string has, when correctly tuned, a steady tension. The Evertune system employs a spring, that – when correctly adjusted – counteracts the respective string with the same tension. Changes in tension, like straining the material or slight de-tunings at the machine heads are now automatically balanced.

The Evertune is split into six segments with six single springs – one segment being responsible for a string. If a string snaps the tuning of the other strings will not be affected. External influences like cold (off-stage) and warmth (on-stage) are offset by the system.

Evertune "inside" - Brand new video!!

Tommy Denander - Evertune Bridge System