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27.11.14 16:34

New Video: Interview and Song with Tommy Denander and his Radioactive TD Special V Pro

Tommy Denander talked with our Product Manger Thommy Neuhierl about his Radioactive TD Special V...

25.11.14 14:09

Grave Digger @ Alte Spinnerei Glauchau

The Alte Spinnerei (Old Spinning Mill) in Glauchau: cult temple of the regional heavy metal scene...

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An eye for detail

Our main goal for our instruments isn’t another meaningless design. We aim rather to convince you with our close attention to detail and ensuring that the highest quality standards are met to cope with the rigours of everyday use.

We just love the challenge of charming the natural sounds out of a piece of wood whilst combining traditional designs with well thought out detailed solutions.

In this fast moving world we make sure that enough care, attention and time is given throughout the whole production process to provide our customers with the long-lasting quality instruments they need.

Our ideas, inspiration and challenges come directly from musicians and we ta e great delight in seeing these ideas turned into realities, plus it’s a great joy for us to see an instrument go from the drawing board to the concert arena.

We will stay “tuned” and we will keep on giving young and innovative ideas a chance and in so doing see them become accessible to all by staying affordable. On that “note” - „keep rocking“.

Yours truly,
Visions in Guitars