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New Video: Interview and Song with Tommy Denander and his Radioactive TD Special V Pro

Tommy Denander talked with our Product Manger Thommy Neuhierl about his Radioactive TD Special V...

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Grave Digger @ Alte Spinnerei Glauchau

The Alte Spinnerei (Old Spinning Mill) in Glauchau: cult temple of the regional heavy metal scene...

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30.09.2010 12:37

Endorser News from the visionaries




Since the 80s Herman Frank has been known as guitarist of international rock bands like Accept, Victory or Moon`Doc. In addition, he works as producer/engineer for notable bands like Saxon, Messiah´s, Kiss, Molly Hatchet, Rose Tattoo etc.

Fine craftsmen need reliable tools. Therefore, Herman has joined the VGS team and has chosen an Eruption customized.

Herman is thrilled by the high-quality materials used as well as the innovative features of his new gem, that he will enjoy playing on the upcoming US-Tour with  Accept!

2 youngsters meet at the European VGS team. 

The only 26 years old German guitarist from Axxis, Marco Wriedt, can already look back to a remarkable career. Since he is 10 years old, he has been playing the guitar. In 2005, he was on a support tour with Jeff Scott Soto and toured Europe for another year with US-Star Daize Shayne. Back in Germany 2007, he was chosen amongst 30 guitar players and became the new member of the rock band Axxis, originally founded in 1990.

Since February 2010, Marco has joined the VGS team. His new jewel, NEO One with its sophisticated solutions and extraordinary shape, fits Marco perfectly.

Axxis has been touring Europe, played at Open Airs (amongst others with Helloween) and festivals, for example with Foreigner, and is celebrating 20 years of Axxis in December. To rise to the occasion their fans can look forward to an anniversary DVD.

Bruce Gaitsch  also settled for premium materials and the consistent design of VGS guitars. 

When he was 8 years old, Chicago-born Bruce Gaitsch played the guitar for the first time. Years later he is considered to be one of today's best guitar players, producers & composers.  

You can hear Bruce Gaitsch at numerous Live gigs and on a myriad of CDs of artists like Elton John, Bryan Adams, Richard Marx, Lara Fabian, Cliff Richard, Olivia Newton-John and Amy Grant.

Bruce is also featured with two songs and best guitar sounds on the most recent Chicago album „Stone of Sisyphus“ and lately has been touring with Peter Cetera, singer of Chicago.

In corporation with Madonna & Patrick Leonard he wrote the number 1 hit “La Isla Bonita”, which made it to the top position in 24 countries! 

Bruce is intrigued and enthusiastic by both the diligent workmanship as well as the innovative features  of his VGS- Roadcruiser relic tobacco burst!

Being musician or skilled engineer - there is one thing they all have in common: Visions in Guitars!