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05.08.14 11:02

VGS Comparison Bell Rose Acoustic Chamber AC1 - BR-20-CE & BR-30-E

Enjoy this great comparison of VGS Bell Rose Acoustic Chamber AC1 - BR-20-CE & BR-30-E!


25.06.14 16:33

New Video with Nils Courbaron

Interview with Nils Courbaron and his amazing Songs with the new VGS SOULMASTER VSM120/7 and VGS...

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Rooky has been on tour in Germany with “Marya Roxx” , replacing Paul Crook (Meat Loaf). The band has been on the road as a support act with "LaFee".
As soloist, "Rooky" published his first official CD titled "extended" in September 2007.
He worked together with well-known musicians, amongst others from Primal Fear, Destruction, Knorkator, Annihilator, Aghora, James LaBrie-Band, Disillusion, Beautiful Sin, Randy Hansen-Band, Ulla Meinecke-Band.